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Redemption Comes at a High Price . . .

It’s 1979, the Winter of Discontent, and gun for hire, Elizabeth Daton’s career ends abruptly when a job results in a young girl being hospitalized. Her luck changes when renowned barrister, Quentin Quinby hires her to travel to a remote Welsh village and escort an acquaintance of his back to London from the ominous Witches Copse.


Daton agrees, desperate to make amends, believing she’s been given a second chance. But what begins as a simple errand quickly escalates into a terrifying ordeal of possession, witchcraft, and the occult.

Can Daton triumph or is she doomed to pay redemption’s price?

Witches Copse is a page-turning, occult crime thriller. If you enjoyed the books Doctor Sleep, Ninth House, and Mr Clarinet or the films Kill List, Mandy, The Wicker Man and The Witch then you’ll love this gripping occult crime thriller.


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Witches Copse
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