Ex-con Ned Flynn is handy with his fists, but to see his mother looking so frail breaks the big man’s heart. He needs money, and he needs it fast. So when a local businessman asks him to find his missing wife, Ned accepts the job without question.


He tracks her down to a remote village on the Welsh coast. But what starts out as a simple errand quickly spirals into deceit and violence.

The Whistling Sands is an unforgiving landscape. A landscape of fear, suspicion, and guilt, where ghostly visions take shape. Real encounters or hauntings conjured by a troubled imagination?


Fans of rural noir - James Lee Burke, David Joy, J. Todd Scott, and literary crime - Cormac McCarthy, Jim Thompson and James M. Cain will love this powerful and haunting story.


Fans of small-town crime and rural noir will love this tough and poignant story.

In the long, hot drought of 1976, young loner Jay Ellis dreams of escape, fleeing the small-town prejudices and the endless bullying. So finding a briefcase full of cash seems the answer to all his prayers, as does the magnetic pull of the stranger, Nash, who rolls into town shortly after.

Welcome to HolyHell transports us to the 1970s borderlands of northeast Wales. This compelling novel lays bare the lives of the lonely and dispossessed, dreamers and thieves trapped between hope and despair, where greed and bad intentions turn nasty and violent betrayals boil beneath the surface.

A savage and beautiful story about one boy’s search for belonging and a criminal’s road to redemption.


West of the River Dee, lie the borderlands of north-east Wales, an in-between place caught between two countries.


Travel inland and you’ll pass the towns and villages, where ancient relics and abandoned factories harbour the ghosts of past glories. The tree-clad hills snake up from the valley where secrets and dark deeds whisper through the tall trees.


Whether they are young and fearful of the future, or old with their best years behind them, the men and women of this striking short story collection are haunted by their past; they live on the periphery, crossing the border into crime because sometimes to live, love, or just survive, vengeance is the only option.