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The planning of his life was always less dangerous than its living. A dark, literary crime thriller in the tradition of classic noir.

Ex-con Ned Flynn is handy with his fists, but to see his mother looking so frail breaks the big man’s heart. He needs money, and he needs it fast. So when a local businessman hires him to find his missing wife, Flynn accepts the job without question.

He tracks her down to a remote village on the Welsh coast. But what starts out as a simple errand quickly spirals into deceit and violence.

The Whistling Sands is an unforgiving landscape. A landscape of fear, suspicion, and guilt, where ghostly visions take shape. Real encounters or a haunting conjured by a troubled imagination?

'a book that drips with a sense of nostalgia for the days when books flexed their muscles through economy of words, potentially double-crossing dames, and plots that were launched with nitro slapped on their backs . . .' - Out of the Gutter Online

***** ‘has a very classical feel to it … in the tradition of vintage film noir and seminal detective fiction, with the moody ambiance of classic '70s crime thrillers like "Get Carter" and "The Friends of Eddie Coyle,"’ – Amazon reviewer

***** ‘a great portrait of trust, and the femme fatale.’ – Amazon reviewer

***** ‘Reading it, you can smell the smells, hear the sounds, and feel the chill in your bones from this bleak Welsh seaside.’ – Amazon reviewer

***** ‘beautifully written and well-paced novella …’ –Amazon reviewer



In the sweltering summer of 1976, a drought-stricken town harbours a deadly secret. This hauntingly captivating Welsh noir thriller is perfect for fans of small-town crime and rural noir.


It’s 1976, and Britain is scorching amid an oppressive heatwave. Conman Bowen, trying to escape the hustle and bustle of London, returns to his hometown, hoping to start anew. But as fate would have it, things don’t always go as planned.



For young loner, Jay Ellis, stumbling across a mysterious briefcase filled with cash is nothing short of a miracle. But the newfound fortune isn’t the only thing that catches his attention - the beguiling Nash, who appears to have followed the money into town, is an even greater mystery. Could this mysterious stranger hold the key to Jay’s newfound fortune - or will he bring an even greater danger?



Veteran conman Nash is determined to track down Bowen and retrieve the money he stole from him. With nothing more than a hunch and an old newspaper clipping featuring a boy who witnessed his partner’s death, Nash follows the trail. As their lives become increasingly intertwined, Nash must navigate the world of violent drifters and treacherous thieves while questioning whether a man’s conscience is his greatest strength or his greatest weakness.

‘Welcome To HolyHell has the sharp plotting of peak Elmore Leonard combined with the brooding lyrical atmosphere of James Lee Burke ...Punk Noir Magazine

‘A remarkable work that will have you dreading as well as eagerly turning the page. Unlawful Acts - Crime Fiction blog

'Math Bird gives us a fine bit of noir in 1976 Wales.’ Murder in Common Crime Fiction Blog

***** 'a gripping, nerve-jangling story...' - Amazon reviewer

***** 'a brilliant slice of British noir.' - Amazon reviewer

***** 'Hardboiled but really touching' - Amazon reviewer

***** 'a well written story with characters that engage the reader.' - Amazon reviewer

***** 'gritty, fast and immersive .... Great story, very well written, highly recommend' - Amazon reviewer



Sometimes to live, love, or just survive, vengeance is the only option. A stunning collection of literary crime stories.


West of the River Dee lie the borderlands of north-east Wales, an in-between place caught between two countries. Travel inland, and you’ll pass through the towns and villages where ancient relics and abandoned factories harbour the ghosts of past glories.


The tree-clad hills snake up from the valley, where secrets and dark deeds whisper through the tall trees.

Whether they are fearful of the future, or worried that their best years are behind them, the characters of this striking short story collection are haunted by the past as their lives travel along the borders of lawlessness.

***** ‘Like a string of dark pearls, they mesmerize with the broken beauty of Math Bird’s deftly portrayed characters and finely wrought prose’ Amazon reviewer

***** ‘Dark and yet hauntingly beautiful’ - Amazon reviewer

***** ‘Bird proves himself to be a master storyteller throughout’ – Amazon reviewer

***** ‘These stories are the work of a master craftsman …’ Amazon reviewer

**** ‘Definitely worth a read, best British writer I have come across for some time…’ Amazon reviewer


When the hunter becomes the prey…


a haunting noir thriller thriller about the dark recesses of human nature.

Ned Flynn’s days are haunted by those who betrayed him, and payback seems the only road to forgiveness. Yet Flynn doesn’t know where to start until retired criminal Eddie Roscoe throws him a lifeline. But Eddie’s services come with a price, and if Flynn wants the information he seeks, he must help a distraught Eddie find his missing son.

As fate brings these men together, the hunt for Eddie’s son takes an unexpected turn for the worse, and they become embroiled in an inescapable and violent underworld of forced labour and modern slavery. As Eddie and Flynn fight to survive, each may find that the road to retribution starts within.


A literary occult thriller in the tradition of The Wicker Man, Rosemary's Baby, and The Witch.

1979, the Winter of Discontent, and Elizabeth Daton is a gun for hire whose career is brought to a shuddering halt when a job leaves a young girl in hospital.

But when renowned barrister, Quentin Quinby, offers her a chance for redemption by asking her to travel to a remote Welsh village and escort an acquaintance of his back to London from the ominous Witches Copse, Daton jumps at the chance.

Little does she know that what begins as a seemingly straightforward errand will soon plunge her into a terrifying ordeal of possession, witchcraft, and the occult.

With her life on the line, Daton must summon all her strength and courage to triumph over the malevolent forces that seek her destruction - or else pay redemption’s price.


The 80s was the decade when greed reigned supreme - but for the reckless, it would prove fatal.

A captivating noir thriller, brimming with atmosphere and suspense, for fans of hardboiled crime and urban noir.

Regret …


1986, and ageing conman Degsy Dempster is desperate to make one last big score and retire in comfort. But when a ruthless young criminal forces him to join his crew, Degsy’s dreams of a peaceful retirement seem to be slipping away.


Ambition …


Jay Ellis, a twenty-something wannabe grifter, is determined to make a name for himself. But when a jealous gangland boss forces him to abandon his hometown and seek refuge in the bright city lights of London, Jay finds his opportunity to make a mark on the world, coming much sooner than he had anticipated.

Deceit …


Mich Earlston’s marriage was a loveless sham, with a wealthy husband and a city apartment as her reward. But her husband’s love for his daughter made her second best. Now she’s ready to take back what’s hers, and no one will stand in her way.

In a world of crime and deception, these three lives are inextricably linked - but will their ambitions be realized, or will their hopes remain just beyond their reach?


A gripping literary murder mystery that delves deep into the dark secrets of a small town, exploring the complex bonds of loyalty and betrayal and the powerful family ties that shape our lives and remain with us forever. 


On a sweltering August Bank Holiday in 1983, the town of Mabon Pryce’s childhood home had much to celebrate - until tragedy struck with the brutal murder of local beauty Mary Reece.

Haunted by the darkness that shrouds the small town, Investigative reporter Mab returns for the funeral and finds himself drawn into the mystery of Mary’s death.

As he begins to piece together the events that led to Mary’s death, he realizes that the truth is far more complex than it appears. With each new lead, Mab uncovers lies and secrets hidden deep in the town’s history. With time running out, Mab must confront his own demons while uncovering the truth about Mary Reece’s murder.

Rich with atmosphere, this compelling literary murder mystery from the author of Welcome to HolyHell and Histories of the Dead marks the start of the Mabon Pryce series.

GoodBye Holyhell
Boder Sands
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