A good woman can be the making of a man, a bad one can lead to ruin . . .

Distraught ex-con Ned Flynn desperately needs cash to support his frail mother, but currently he’s broke. When a local entrepreneur offers him cash to find his runaway wife, Nia, Flynn sees little choice.

Flynn tracks her down, and beguiled by her beauty, she quickly fills the emptiness he feels inside. After learning of Nia’s misfortune, Flynn vows to set matters right. But guilt and suspicion push him towards madness, so does the ghostly figure that haunts him on the sands. As Flynn dreams of escaping to a new life, his fears take root.

Are Nia's intentions true, or is she the money grabbing liar everybody claims she is?

The Whistling Sands is the first book in the Ned Flynn Crime Thriller Series. If you liked The Postman Always Rings Twice, In the Woods, The Black Dahlia or Dead I Well May Be, then you’ll love this literary crime thriller.

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A small town. A stack of hidden cash. The scorching summer of 1976.

Young Jay Ellis is a loner. Bullied by the older boys on the estate, Jay yearns for a better life, and dreams of escaping with his mother to live in their dream house.

After discovering a briefcase full of cash, Jay believes it’s the answer to all his prayers. As is the magnetic pull of the stranger, Nash who rolls into town shortly after. But are Nash and his wife who they claim to be, his mother’s new friends, or two more adults out to deceive him?

Only Jay can decide, as he struggles with keeping the money a secret and the harsh truths of life that follow.

Welcome to HolyHell is the first book in the HolyHell Crime Thriller Series. If you enjoyed The Thicket, November Road, She Rides Shotgun and The Dry, then you’ll love this literary, poignant coming-of-age crime thriller.

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In this striking collection of noir short stories, Welsh writer Math Bird gives us tales of the haunted and the lost. 

Set in the borderlands of northeast Wales, among a landscape of forests and hills, small coastal towns, and the Dee estuary, these are the stories of lonely boys and grief-stricken men, ill-fated lovers, tough women, distant fathers and disillusioned sons. Many of them hell-bent on revenge, battling with both the present and the past.