ISBN-10: 194823534X

Finding that briefcase full of cash, in the scorching summer of 1976, seemed the answer to all young Jay’s prayers. So did the magnetic pull of a stranger who rolled into town shortly after. But what Jay didn’t bargain for were the harsh truths of life that followed. 

Welcome to HolyHell, set in the borderlands of northeast Wales, is a coming-of-age story about loneliness, hope, the past that haunts us, and the fear of growing older.

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ISBN-10: 1948235579

In this striking collection of noir short stories, Welsh writer Math Bird gives us tales of the haunted and the lost. 

Set in the borderlands of northeast Wales, among a landscape of forests and hills, small coastal towns, and the Dee estuary, these are the stories of lonely boys and grief-stricken men, ill-fated lovers, tough women, distant fathers and disillusioned sons. Many of them hell-bent on revenge, battling with both the present and the past. 


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ISBN-13: 978-1522804055

Amoral drifter Ned Flynn has wasted half of his life in and out of prison. In his mother’s eyes, he can do no wrong although on visiting his hometown, he finds her seriously ill and tries raising enough cash for someone to take care of her.

He takes on the job of finding local businessman John Mason’s wayward wife; yet, like everything in Flynn’s life, things don’t go to plan. Not only does he fall for Mason’s wife, Nia, but he’s tormented by her dead lover’s ghost.

Is Flynn losing his mind or is Nia as treacherous as everybody claims she is?

"With a stripped-down, return to the classical style of writing, Math Bird has created a book that drips with a sense of nostalgia for the days when books flexed their muscles through an economy of words, potentially double-crossing dames, and plots that were launched with nitro slapped on their backs . . .  " - OUT OF THE GUTTER ONLINE

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